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In my previous post Self-Taught JavaScript Bootcamp using Trello, I discussed my plan for learning JavaScript. If you haven’t had a chance to read through that post, you may want to check it out before continuing as it contains the structure for setting up your self-taught JavaScript course.

Although the list below contains many of the best online resources, there are plenty of others that you could substitute or add in, allowing a better fit for your personal learning style. I have included materials that also may be redundant. If you have mastered the material in a section already, feel free to skim over or skip it altogether. As I go through each section in my plan, if I already have a good understanding, I skim through the just to be sure there is nothing else I could learn from the material. In many cases though, working through the material already covered merely provides a reinforcement of that topic and provides the ability to grasp the concepts even better.

I have organized the learning material into sections. Each section is laid out in a general order based on the level of difficulty. When learning something new, especially a programming language, I recommend using different resources such as websites, videos, books, and podcasts. Using multiple types of learning resources allows you to cover more ground and have a well-rounded learning experience.

The lists are organized by type. Using my Trello JS Board, I move one or two items of different kinds over to my “Working On” list. For example, I would work on the Udacity: JavaScript Basics course while working through the Eloquent JavaScript book. It is important to note that you must work through the problems in each resource. Reading and watching videos is not enough, you must program. The exercises under each resource will provide you with the ability to write out the code and work through problems, helping you to retain what you have learned.



The websites section contains links to sites that provide articles or learning paths regarding JavaScript. Some of the sites reference other sites, books, or videos. I like to follow along and learn from others as they have already been through the trenches and may know a better way.


Although a few of these books are free, most must be purchased. You do not need to buy all of them; most will cover some of the same topics. I would suggest at least one of the first three books to get started.



I don’t listen to many podcasts specifically for JavaScript. Here are a few that I have found useful. Any suggestions for podcasts would be appreciated.



Videos are an excellent way to quickly pick up a topic. Learning from others as they walk through the code is a great way to advance your understanding of the material. Just make sure to follow along. Don’t just watch the video, code with the video!


Miscellaneous Tools and Frameworks

This section is more of an optional section. Pick and chose what you want to learn and go for it. It contains sites with practice exercises, framework documentation, and testing tools.


Wrapping Up

The above resources are an excellent way to get started in programming with JavaScirpt. Hard work and long hours of pushing out your code will bring you to the next level. These links are only meant to be a starting place for those interested in learning how to code with JavaScript. The program assumes some knowledge of HTML and CSS, although an extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS is not required for the material.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions below. If I missed your favorite resource, post a link below and why you believe it should be included. Let me know how your progress is going, I would like to hear your story on how it is working for you, what changes you made or additional resources you used. Don’t forget to share this with others if you find it helpful. Also, if you haven’t yet, check out the article on using Trello to organize your JavaScript bootcamp.


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