Tools of a Web Developer

  In my last post, Web Development Setup, we discussed my web development setup. We went through a quick, general overview of the hardware and software I use on a daily basis. In this post, we will follow up on the software I use, diving deeper into those tools that I use the most. This […]

Getting Your First Web Developer Job

Getting the Job I have done some development work at my previous job, mostly small applications, random additions to existing code, HTML, CSS, etc.. Mostly, though, I had done standard I.T. work. Helpdesk, managed services, data center, and most other random things those in the I.T. field do. Never enough coding to make me happy […]

JavaScript Learning Resources

Resource Organization In my previous post Self-Taught JavaScript Bootcamp using Trello, I discussed my plan for learning JavaScript. If you haven’t had a chance to read through that post, you may want to check it out before continuing as it contains the structure for setting up your self-taught JavaScript course. Although the list below contains many […]

Self-Taught JavaScript Bootcamp using Trello

  Getting Enrolled Over the past few months, I have been teaching myself JavaScript. Unfortunately, I have more resources than time to complete them. I currently work full time and do not have the option of attending a programming boot camp. Even though I have grasped some of the aspects of JavaScript, I felt like […]

7 Free Sites to Help You Master Programming

Picking the Right Path to Success   With the exploding popularity of programming, there are more sites on learning to program than ever. A Google search of “programming courses” return a total of 154 million results. Adding “free” to the search reduces it to 106 million search results. With the vast number of options, how is […]

A Programming Blog to Follow: Simple Programmer

Simple Programmer, What is It? The Simple Programmer is a spectacular resource for those looking for blogs regarding programming, whether beginner or advanced. The blog provides general purpose information for those interested in programming, from a free blogging course to getting people to buy your product. The blog will not teach you how to program, but […]