Simple Programmer, What is It?

The Simple Programmer is a spectacular resource for those looking for blogs regarding programming, whether beginner or advanced. The blog provides general purpose information for those interested in programming, from a free blogging course to getting people to buy your product. The blog will not teach you how to program, but will provide the ability to become a better developer. The range of topics covered provides an amazing starting point for developers, and the free blogging course is the inspiration for

John Sonmez Twitter Page
John Sonmez Twitter Page

Who Writes It?

The author of Simple Programmer is John Sonmez. He is a Software Developer and Blogger who focuses on important aspects of software development including the business side. He has also created courses for Pluralsight. You can learn more about John on his site, Simple Programmer, or by following him on Twitter.

John Sonmez Pluralsight
John Sonmez Pluralsight Page

Why Should I Read This?

The Simple Programmer blog offers valuable tips for programmers of all experience levels. John, the author of Simple Programmer, is an experienced software developer, creator of instructional videos and has written a book. This is to name just a few of his accomplishments. He has a proven track record, which is one reason that developers or those aspiring to be such should follow his blog. His free blogging course also provides some great information on how to get started and continue running an amazing blog for those interested. It is highly recommended to write about things experienced to make one’s self better. Giving help back to the community is also a plus of running a blog, providing ideas and inspiration to others.

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